Keeping your sh@#t organised

The internet is great. There is so much information out there the mind boggles. I spend hours researching fishing looking for new techniques amd flies but how do you keep this stuff organised.
Here is the low down on some of the programmes I use.

This is my favourite program and has no limit to how much is stored on it. Sections are organised and you can sync it anywhere. My only problem is the online version is a bit slow and the android version is limited. The clipper is also a bit rubbish as you often get either a picture that cant be edited or a link only.

This programme is also great for saving pages and clipper the makes this easy. Add to that tagging your files and keeping your stuff organised is a breeze. The only downside is editing is not great and there is a monthly limit so if you are saving pages with a lot of pictures this can be used very quickly.

Great for searching stuff that others have already researched and saved but relies on links so if website changes or disapears it will not work. I use this mostly for fly ideas where no note is required.

This is another favourite and great for reading so any articles I want to read offline I save via the add on and sync before I leave the house so I can read on the way to work. I can then either archive it, tag it and save to onenote.

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