Wet fly

I was listening to some pod-casts the other day and was listening to Aaron West talk about wet fly fishing. This sparked my interest in that I have used this method on sparingly and with sporadic success. After doing some research and I was quite surprised to find some interesting techniques.
I had always thought of wet fly fishing as the old cast and swing type of method but after reading up on some of Davy Wotton’s techniques I was interested to see something completely different. One of things when reading about Davy is that he casts his flies upstream to dead drift then swings them on downstream then works them back upstream.
The idea of upstream wet fly fishing peaked my interest as I have in the past used wet flies dead drift to sighted fish with good success.
The other thing that is predominant with Davys technique is he is fishing numerous techniques and fishing from bottom all the way to the top imitating nymphs, wets and dries all in one go.

I have added some links with good articles on his technique and I look forward to using it when I get back on the water. I have also added the troutpredator forum where Davy will answer any question you might have.


Wet Fly Ways -Davy Wotton

innovativeflyfisher-Fishing Soft Hackle Spiders

Wet Flies Re-Discovered

Flymphs Rediscovered




troutpredator Forum

midcurrent.com- beyond-the-swing


north country wets

north country wets2

upstream wet fly

Whew I think there is enough reading there to wet your appetite. As I get into fishing this method I will add some of my findings.

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