5 Tips to tying a good Royal Wulff

To me this is a relatively simple fly to tie but it is not so easy for the beginner who is still trying to work out the best way to do things. So here are some tips to make a good wulff and hopefully you will learn something you can apply to other flies as well.

  1. Use moose hair instead of deer for the tail as this doesn’t flair like deer hair does which will make it much easier to get a nice flat tail.
  2. Use half the amount you think you need for the wing. I tend to use synthetic as this is easier to tie and clip to the right length after the fly is finished.
  3. Tie the wing in a figure 8 across the hook then wind round the base of the fibres before winding another figure 8 then wind around each post to keep the shape.
  4. Use 2 hackles instead of one with the length of barbs slightly longer than gape and wind on moving the hackle back and forth so that none of the hackles are crushed.
  5. Wind your working thread over the peacock herl so that it doesn’t get ripped apart by the first fly.

Enjoy your tying session

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