Get Connected on suspention rig

Many of us after a fish less day and seeing others catch their limit will wonder “so what was I doing wrong”.  I was told an interesting thing once that even the top competition fishermen miss half their strikes. If that is how many they miss, what are we missing?

How do we up the percentage, well one of the most crucial elements is keeping connection with your flies. So here are some top tips to get your success rate up.

  1. Make sure your line rolls out straight including your leader. If it lands in a heap you instantly have no connection until it has time to straiten out.
  2. Keep a short line. Keep line as short as possible to shorten the strike time and keep extra line off the water decreasing drag.
  3. Keep your rod tip high as this will keep line off the water and prevent drag while also shortening your strike time.
  4. Stand downstream. If you have to have lots of line on the water, stand as far downstream as you can and strip hard to keep connection as this will keep the line straight and avoid having to keep slack line on the water to avoid drag. When using this method strike sideways downstream as this gives the contact instantly rather than dragging line off the water.
  5. Keep your heaviest fly on the bottom and if you must use truck and trailer keep your tag as short as possible.
  6. Keep tags short. This will keep tangles low and decrease the strike time.
  7. Keep the distance from your indicator to fly as short as possible while still keeping enough to reach the bottom. You can always lengthen the length if needed but keeping it shorter will shorten the time it takes to show a take especially if fishing shallower water. I normally keep my indicator at ¾ of a rod length to my flies and lengthen it as needed by adjusting my indicator.
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